• Real estate acquisition
  • Real estate development
  • Real estate project management for new construction, conversions, restoration and renovations 
  • Real estate financing
  • Real estate marketing

We work closely with experienced and top specialists in the areas of law, tax, architecture, construction management, banking and real estate professionals.

Real estate acquisition

To find the property of your dreams requires well-founded understanding of the offering, the market and its particularities. In the international comparison, the pricing structure is very high, especially for luxury properties. In particular, St. Moritz-Suvretta is among the top 10 most expensive luxury addresses world-wide.

The legal framework, such as the limitation of secondary homes (Lex Weber), primary homes with the requirement of residency or the limitation of the sale of properties to foreigners (Lex Koller) pose additional complexities.

We ensure you are professionally assisted, gain the necessary overview and transparency and we represent your best interests. To gain a maximum of overview and certainty, you need competent, interdisciplinary and professional advice. Solid solutions are based on well-founded, reliable research and analysis.

LATESTA assists you step by step to a successful transaction.

  • Assessment of needs (requirements and possibilities of buyer; imperative needs and additional wishes)
  • Scouting properties (looking for appropriate objects)
  • Due Diligence (property, legal, tax, appraisal, contract expenses, budget for new construction or renovation, etc.)
  • Advising foreigners taking domicile in the Engadin (ordinary or lump sum taxation, registration process, local family office infrastructure etc.)
  • Financing  
  • Cary out the transaction (negotiation, structuring, closing, etc.) 

Real estate development

We develop real estate on our own account and for the account of our clients. Therefore, for our clients but also for ourselves, we are always looking for interesting projects (land, commercial and residential real estate) with potential for development. Offers can be submitted by mail, email or phone call.
At the beginning of each construction project there is an idea - a dream. As experienced investors, we know well what it takes to develop top real estate projects, within and outside the construction zone.

We create the basis on which great ideas can become successful projects.

Together with you we develop and elaborate the project, evaluate the relevant requirements and plan the implementation. We prepare all assessments, entrepreneurial decisions, schedules and other procedures prior to construction and implement them together with you. 

In this process you benefit from our professional know-how in construction as well as from our profound experience in the development of complex building projects. Besides our own know-how we work with a network of first class and tested partners from which we can select the best-qualified experts for each project.

We make sure that all technical, legal and economic actions are taken to realize your project within the pre-defined cost, quality and time frames.

Project management for new construction, restoration and renovation

LATESTA accompanies your new construction, conversion, restoration and renovation project directly on site. As an independent advisor, we act in your best interest only and make sure your concerns are addressed actively and vigorously.

Residential or commercial properties: Together with you we study your environment, your ideas and intentions. Together we develop the best solution for you and your project. The earlier we get involved in a project, the better we can bring in our experience in the critical, early project stage.

We help and advise you on choosing the architects, necessary contractors, partners, craftsmen and other specialists and act as the coordinating and controlling link between all stakeholders. In your name, we maintain the contact to the competent public authorities, the neighbors and other stakeholders.

Our experience with and contacts to suppliers, contractors and public authorities allow us to quickly source the necessary resources and permits and to quickly and competently resolve emerging problems or damage events. We manage the project in your best interest with a view to costs, implementation and quality to ensure successful completion.

Real estate and project financing

To put real estate projects on solid financial basis is one of the most important requirements for a successful project execution.

LATESTA supports you in developing the best financial strategy and to structure the project and later mortgage financing in the most efficient and cost effective way.

We prepare all relevant documentation the banks need to provide a binding financing offer. In most cases, this includes a fresh appraisal. Our mission is to negotiated with the banks, which are suitable for your project, the best terms and conditions possible. You benefit from our solid relationships with financing institutions, our professional know-how about their internal processes and evaluation methods as well as from the extensive volume we transact with these banks.

After securing financing, we support you in a fiduciary function. We make sure that the financial means at the disposal of the project are deployed according to contract, in your best interest and according to the conditions of the financing bank.

We ensure the proper working of the construction accounting and settlement. In doing this, we also make sure contractors and service providers are paid on time, an important requirement to ensure the smooth execution of the project.

Real estate marketing

The most important elements of a successful sale of a property are a solid marketing strategy and a first-class network of partners. Due to the increasing internationalization of the real estate buyers in the Engadin, a network, which goes beyond the country boarders becomes increasingly important.

Due to our extensive experience with international clients and intensive collaboration with international partners we are best equipped for this. We shall be pleased to put at your disposal our first class local, national and international network for the marketing of your property.