LATESTA provides all services in connection with investments in real estate in the Upper Engadin. As an investor and co-investor in real estate projects LATESTA has acquired comprehensive skills, which it also puts at the service of third parties.

We manage every step for our clients - from the search and the assessment to preparing and carrying out the transaction for first class properties. After the acquisition, we support our clients in the development and execution of your project up to its completion and commissioning.

LATESTA stands for integrity, professionalism and transparency – these principles guide all relations with our clients. We avoid conflicts of interest and ensure that each transaction generates a “win-win“ situation.

We carefully choose the partners we work with and make sure they provide the high-class services requested by our clients. We employ “Best Practice” standards and strive to continuously improve our own services and those of our partners.

We guarantee our clients’ tangible results and absolute transparency in each step of the process. Our fees are for the most part success fees that are bound to tangible and quantifiable results or achieved milestones.