Ownership of a property above a certain size in the Engadin region and, if applicable, taking up residence in it give rise to management and administration requirements that are usually best dealt with locally. Assets (real estate, vehicles, etc.) have to be actively managed. In addition, it is a great advantage if neighbours, authorities, contractors and service providers have a local contact person. 

Effective management of local assets creates the necessary conditions for our clients to be sure that their assets and their relationships with all stakeholders are in good hands at all times during their absence and that, when they come to the Engadine, they will not have to take care of neglected assets and stakeholders but will be able to concentrate entirely on enjoying their stay.

As part of our day-to-day work, we take care of all management and administrative duties related to the property and other assets as well as local personal correspondence. We are the link between all local stakeholders and the family office, legal counsel, banks and other involved employees of our clients.

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