Walo International AG
Since June 2017 Leandro A. Testa has been appointed Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Walo International AG.
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Walo Bertschinger AG, Chur
Leandro A. Testa is Member of the Board of Directors of Walo Bertschinger AG Chur since 2013. In 2014 he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors.
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Walo Immobilien AG, Dietikon
Leandro A. Testa is Member of the Supervisory Board of Walo Immobilien AG since December 2017.
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Kern Tunneltechnik SA, Lugano-Paradiso
Leandro A. Testa is Member of the Supervisory Board of Kern Tunneltechnik SA, Lugano-Paradiso since 2017.
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Town of St.Moritz: Chairwoman of the Tourism Commission
Eveline Fasser Testa has been appointed in January 2015 as member of the Tourism Commission of the municipality St. Moritz. Since January 1, 2019 she has been appointed Chairwoman of the Tourism Commission.

St.Moritz Tourist Board: Board of Directors
Eveline Fasser Testa serves as member of the St.Moritz Tourist Board St.Moritz and member of the trade mark committee since 2015.

Sport / Culture

Engadine Golf Club, Samedan
Eveline Fasser Testa is member of the board of the des Engadine Golf Club since 2009. In 2011 she was appointed Vice-President of the board.
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