Mandates and current projects


We are constantly inspired by trends and novelties on our travels. Together with Cruciani we have developed the design of the sun bracelets BRASLET St. Moritz and the matching packaging with the subjects of the vintage St. Moritz posters.

Our room scents, UDUR St. Moritz, were developed with famous perfume "noses". The unique scents are available as diffusers and scented candles. The products are reminders of the beautiful town of St. Moritz and of the gorgeous Alpine landscape.

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Bracelets by Cruciani have been trendy for years – as friendship bracelets, as a memento or simply as a fashion statement.

The sun as a symbol of St. Moritz should be carried out into the world and remind the wearer of St. Moritz. The BRASLET St. Moritz Limited Edition was initiated by Eveline Fasser Testa and developed and designed together with Cruciani.

And it’s not just the sun – the packaging is also designed to be reminiscent of St. Moritz. Eye-catching motifs from St.Moritz vintage posters were chosen and staged.

UDUR St.Moritz - Home scents

The scent of St.Moritz - Sensory impressions can be strengthened and anchored by a fragrance – fragrances can therefore convey emotions.

In close collaboration with the perfumer Geza Schön, the first scent INVIERN (Winter 2015/2016) was developed. Inviern means „winter“ in our local language Romanish. The scent of St. Moritz INVIERN is the freshness of a cold winter day in the mountains. The scent is available as a home fragrance with rattan sticks as well as a scented candle.

From the very beginning, the idea was that a home fragrance line for ST. MORITZ is to be created. The second fragrance, ENGIADINA, followed mid 2015 and is inspired by a summer hike in the mountains, a walk around an Engadine mountain lake or an excursion into a lush green, flowery mountain meadow. Engiadina is the Romanic word for the inspiring high valley of the Alps, the "Engadin".

Walo International AG
Since June 2017 Leandro A. Testa has been appointed Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Walo International AG.
Website Walo International

Walo Immobilien AG, Dietikon
Leandro A. Testa is Member of the Supervisory Board of Walo Immobilien AG since December 2017.
Website Walo Immobilien

Kern Tunneltechnik SA, Lugano-Paradiso
Leandro A. Testa was Member of the Supervisory Board of Kern Tunneltechnik SA, Lugano-Paradiso from 2017 to end 2023.
Website Kern Tunneltechnik

Walo Bertschinger AG Graubünden
Leandro A. Testa is Member of the Board of Directors of Walo Bertschinger AG Graubünden since 2013. In 2014 he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors.
Website Walo

MPS Private Office Services AG
Leandro A. Testa is Member of the Board of Directors since 2013 and Chairman of the Board since 2018.

Champa St.Moritz SA
Leandro A. Testa is Member of the Board of Directors since 2008.


Swiss Golf

Eveline Fasser was appointed in 2022 as Member of the Board of Directors and is Chairwoman Members Committee.W Website: Swiss Golf

Engadine Golf Club, Samedan

Eveline Fasser Testa was a member of the board of the Engadine Golf Club from 2009 until 2023. In 2011, she was appointed Vice-President of the board.
Website EGC

Town of St.Moritz: Chairwoman of the Tourism Commission

Eveline Fasser Testa was appointed from January 2015 to September 2023 as member of the Tourism Commission of the municipality St. Moritz. From 2019 to 2023 she has been appointed Chairwoman of the Tourism Commission and was significantly involved in the outsourcing of the St. Moritz Tourism department to an independent public limited company.


St.Moritz Tourist Board: Board of Directors

Eveline Fasser Testa serves as member of the St.Moritz Tourist Board St.Moritz and responsible for the trade mark St.Moritz since 2015.