Current Projects

UDUR ST. MORITZ – The Scent of St. Moritz (Launch Winter 2015/2016)

The perfumer Geza Schön developed the scent St.Moritz for us. He sought inspiration for INVIERN and ENGIADINA on long walks through snowy landscapes, vast forests and lush green mountain meadows covered in Alpine flowers. 

Inviern means "winter" in our local language Romanisch. The scent of St. Moritz INVIERN is the freshness of a cold winter day in the mountains. 

Engiadina means "Engadin", the inspiring high-lying valley in the Alps, in our local language Romanisch. 

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BRASLET St. Moritz (since 2017)

Bracelets by Cruciani have been trendy for years – as friendship bracelets, as a memento or simply as a fashion statement. BRASLET St. Moritz was dreamed up and developed by Eveline Fasser Testa.  The idea is that the sun bracelets will carry St. Moritz out into the world and remind the wearer of St. Moritz. The limited edition is available in various colours .And it’s not just the sun – the packaging is also designed to be reminiscent of St. Moritz and features an eye-catching motif. More information.

Walo International AG (since 2017)

Walo International AG undertakes international construction projects in all segments offered by the WALO around the world. In the US Walo International focuses on the following services: Dam and landfill construction, Ultra-High-Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete (UHPC). WALO offers an award-winning engineering solution for accelerated bridge rehabilitation using UHPC to restore the structural capacity of concrete deck bridges as well as waterproofing, thereby significantly extending the lifetime of the bridge.

In the UK WALO International offers trackwork and rail engineering services.

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Walo Bertschinger AG Chur (since 2013)

The WALO Group provides broad range of services and solutions to complex challenges in almost all aspects of the construction process. Services include: Road Construction, Civil Engineering, Specialist Foundation Engineering, Building Construction, Dam and Landfill Construction, Mastic Asphalt, Noise Control, Industrial and Decorative Flooring, Underground Construction, Trackwork and Rail Engineering, Concrete Rehabilitation, Sports Surfaces, TC Infrastructure and Hydraulic Engineering. 

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Walo Immobilien AG (since 2017)

WALO plans and executes large-scale property development projects. This includes the implementation of preparatory construction measures so that a building can be erected successfully on a plot of land. WALO’s services cover the entire value chain, from the purchase of the building plot, to planning, financing, turnkey construction and the sale of the property at the end of the project.

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Engadine Golf Club (since 2009)

We promote and cultivate golf in the Engadine. To play golf at 1700 m above sea level in a breath-taking alpine setting and in one of the most beautiful valleys anywhere – to play golf on a historical course – to be a member of the oldest golf club in Switzerland: this is the ENGADINE GOLF CLUB.

We support the oldest golf club in Switzerland in the area of brand, brand management, marketing and communication.  Website

Kern Tunneltechnik SA (since 2017)

Kern Tunneltechnik SA is an international company providing high-tech solutions for Tunnelling. With a team composed of specialists with proven experience and with the continuous research and development, in only 8 years, Kern Tunneltechnik SA has been able to revolutionize the market for formworks and tunnelling machines, constantly pursuing technical innovations. Kern Tunneltechnik has the capability to satisfy at best customers with high quality, safety standards and requirements.
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