Our strengths are creativity,
high quality standards and interdisciplinary skills.

Our entrepreneurial activities include developments in real estate projects and business development. We are active as investors and partners as well as advisors for our clients.


Real Estate Investments

  • Real estate acquisition
  • Real estate development
  • Real estate project management for new construction, conversions, restoration and renovations
  • Real estate financing
  • Real estate marketing

Business Development

  • Strategies
  • Financing and structuring
  • Management and development

Private Office Services

  • Administration of special-purpose entities and domiciliary companies
  • Administration of real estate and other assets
  • Recruitment and management of local contractors and service providers
  • Personnel recruitment, management and administration

Current projects and offers

Please find our current projects and offer here.


The St. Moritz sun on your wrist

The symbol of St. Moritz is available as a «St. Moritz Limited Edition Bracelet by Cruciani» from December 2017. This sunny accessory will brighten up your day and makes a fashionable statement on anyone’s wrist. More information and to order.

The scent of St. Moritz INVIERN evokes the freshness of a cold winter day in the mountains. Inviern means "winter" in our local language Romanisch. Engiadina means "Engadin", the inspiring high-lying valley in the Alps, in our local language Romanisch. Both scents have been created by perfumer Geza Schön and are available as diffusors and scented candles.